Simple Guide to Start a Blog!

Blogging is something that grows rapidly in past few years, probably after the revolution of information technology and affordable access to the internet. Blogs are your online personal space where you can express your unique ideas and convey what they like to know. So, you want to create a blog, perfect it’s!

Whether it is health, legal, social or anything of your interest, blogs could be your new online destination that not only feeds your passion but you can also fill your pocket. Many of the big brands want to make a blog for promoting their businesses and products and of course, they get the stunning results since we’re living in an online edge. Amazingly, blogging is absolutely free and you’re just a few clicks away to create your new online destination.

World Wide Web is already flooded with tips to start a blog, this’s another piece that’ll give you the answers for how to create a blog or how to start blogging. There’re also many experienced bloggers who’ve started blogging as a part-time but now they’re inspired to make money out of it. We’ve target all types of bloggers from newbie to long-serving to let them know how to start a successful blog and how to start blogging and get paid. Thousands of people daily search on the internet for how to start blogging and make money but that’s not idiot-proof.

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Before we know steps to start a blog, let’s get familiar with what blogging exactly is. Taking blogs as your online address is the simple way to understand it. You may write your views on any subject of your interest or what usually people like to read on your blogs. If you believe blogging needs technical and coding expertise, it’s you bad. To give beginners a quick and helping hand in knowing how to create a website or blog, this’s the complete guide having detailed steps to create a blog.

How to Make a Blog?

Blogging seems so easy and fascinating, but that’s not the complete picture. Yes, it’s the stunning way to raise your voice and catching the readers with the art of expressing thoughts in words but a proper guidance is must need. Since half knowledge is always dangerous, unsuccessful bloggers mislead you with reviews like, “Blogging? Shh! It’s a waste of time”.

Let’s get into setting up your own blog with only precise & close information upon how to make a new blog.

Start with Choosing a Platform

Blogging begins by selecting a platform which helps you in creating and managing your website. WordPress, Tumblr, blogger, Wix are some of the blogging areas where you can create your own blog or website with a unique domain name. For the beginners, it’s good to choose free domains however you may also buy the premium domains if you’re planning to grow your blog professionally. As if now, WordPress and blogger are the leading platforms and the most preferable choice for the blogging masters.

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Give a Personalized Domain Name

Creating a blog means, creating a unique domain or better to call it your personalized web address. You’re free to pick any domain name which looks like, “” or “”. The words, ‘yourblogname’ has to be customized with any catchy and trendy name relevant to the subject of your blog. New-comers to blogging should pay attention to the fact that the default domain extension by the blogging platform is free but rest are paid. Some of the popular domain extensions are, “.com”, “.org”, “.biz” and like if you’ve ever observer the name of the website in the address bar of your web browser.

For the beginners, it’s good to enjoy free domains before moving to paid once. Whatever domain name you choose, it should be short, descriptive and easy to remember and refer.

Design Your Blog

The sky is the limit for bloggers. A Blogging platform offers a huge collection of designer templates that give the unique style to your blog. With hundreds of beautiful and colourful themes, you’re open to customizing your blog design and makeover it the way you want. Many of the templates are a free while to upgrade your blog page, you may also go for premium templates available for every kind of blog subjects. Templates and designs are further customizable with few inbuilt filters offer by the blogging platform.

It’s Time to Add Your Content

Doing till here, you’re all set to post your content, images and videos on your blog. Before publishing your content, make sure that whatever you’re publishing doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of web hosting services. Readers are more interested in creating content with the hand full of information without creating boredom. There’re many professional content writers who’ve expertise in writing contents for web pages and blogs.

Post your content supported by images and videos that makes it captivating for prospective readers. You may apply editing techniques like changing the font, their size and other such things before publishing it. Bloggers are also free to save their post in drafts or schedule them to publish at a later point in time.

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Congratulations! You’re Now a Blogger

You’re now all set to grow your blog professionally and to make efforts to make it a success. Creating a blog is not just enough, it’s all vain if you don’t follow it up for reaping results. This’s the time where you get on how to start blogging and earn money and feed your blog professionally. Technically, your blog will be more visible for the prospective searches when it has considerable traffic. The simple rule for blogging is more traffic, more money. For hefty traffic, you should’ve to make efforts for monetizing your blog.

How to Start Blogging Business?

Whether you’re passionate about writing or simply looking for a blogging business, creating your own blog is what trending these days. There’re many examples you may find around the web, where successful bloggers are enjoying earning money from publishing the best of their contents and ideas. Along with money, you also earn popularity among your readers that in turn becomes the factor for increasing traffic for your blog.

Isn’t it cool to make money out of your hobby of writing? Then step into blogging business and learn the basics for how to start blogging website. Even if you’re not a writer, you may hire some good source and turn a profit out of it. Our Blog hope that our guide on how to start blogging and how to create a new blog will be the right point to embark on your journey of successful blogging.

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