Reasons That Make Good Relationship Go Bad!

The relationship is one of the most complicated bonding that 2 people share knowing that they’re connected with the delicate thread of trust and affection, which they’ve to strengthen with love. But with time and circumstances, priorities in the relationship changes. Gradually with time, roles and responsibilities of people in relationship changes and it gets crucial to manage each and everything perfectly and therefore healthy relationships go bad. Besides human factors, situations also participate in turning a good relationship bad.

True Relationship is Hard to Find, if You’ve the One, Preserve it!

Someone has said very deeply, “Relationships never die a natural death, they’re always murdered by attitude, behavior, ego and ignorance”.There could be any reason for the failure of your relationship with your partner but surprisingly, what we’ve pointed out in this piece is the most common triggers that lead to the end of a relationship which could be otherwise beautiful and adorable.

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???? Getting Intimate Too Fast

You shouldn’t be in a hurry while developing the intimate connections with your lover. It’s rather better to build strong emotional and sensitive connection before you jump into the bed with your partner. Love experts have observed that couples who get intimate and physical too fast in their relationship, enjoy the much shorter tenure than comparing the contrary couples. Love birds should always remember that the way to bed is from the heart.

???? Always Criticizing Your Partner

It’s a bitter truth about a human civilization that whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say about you. But if it’s particularly about your love relationship, you need to avoid making it a habit to always criticize your partner. This’ll lead to disappointment and gradually the love and care in your relationship would be replaced by dissatisfaction and discontentment. Avoiding minor mistakes of your partner will develop a sense of maturity in your relationship since no one comes with perfection tag.

???? Dreaming Fantasy Life with Your Partner

Expecting your partner as brave as super hero, as intelligent as Einstein or as dashing as a hero, would only dismay you. One who’s in love must understand and accept the fact that their partner is not out of this world. Accept your partner the way he is, rather than fixing fantasy expectations that later on only hurts you. It’s best to live in reality instead of hoping the dreamy future with your bae. Dreaming fantasy life with your partner is the most common factor why most of the relationships go bad.

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???? Dishonesty, Deception and Doubts

Never lie as it’s both morally and socially unethical. Always be truthful and honest to your love and situations. Be honest because the same person who believes your lies are also the one who believes in you. Build your love bond on the plinth of trust and honesty. The worse form of dishonesty is deception so it’s better to be bitterly uttering truth rather manipulating beautiful lies. Besides this, it’s a common observation that out of possessiveness and desperate love for your darling, couples started doubting their partner. This’s where things started getting wrong between love goals.

???? Communication Gap

Communication in a love relationship is like oxygen to life, without which it dies. Find time out of your routine chores and do talk, if that’s not possible, at least text but make sure that you’re connected with your partner. We hear from many of couples that the flow of communication decreases with the increase in tenure but when you stop talking, an undividable and an invisible wall created in your relationship, which results in the unhappy ending of a love life. So, to keep supplying the oxygen and stay connected.

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Being Loved by Someone is the Greatest Gift of God, Don’t Lose it.

Love is the feeling that happens only once. It’s a treasure for life and you can’t break up so easily just because of some silly issues. What we’ve discussed above are some of the reasons that create complications in your love life. If You’re struggling with the ill health of your love bond, make sure you’re not doing any of the above bullets or if you’re reading this page at Shale Gas Outrage we will suggest you to take precautions for your love relationship, be careful while dealing with the situations as we cited above.

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