March Route

2pm- West on Arch St.

Turn south on 15th

Stop at Obama’s Campaign Office:

Since coming into office, President Obama has permitted every drop of water used to frack in northeast and central Pennsylvania with his vote on the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. The Global Shale Gas Initiative was established in his State Department and he has traveled to countries like India, Poland, and China to sign agreements that the US will assist them in drilling for shale gas. As a candidate, Barack Obama has promoted natural gas since 2008. It’s time for that to change.

Continue to Locust. Turn east on Locust.

Stop by PNC:

PNC Financial Services Group
PNC holds a 25% interest inBlackRock Investment Management., BlackRock the largest funder of both fracking and mountaintop removal mining. Don’t bank with PNC! Tell them to divest from extreme energy extraction now!

North on Broad (200 S. Broad St.)

Stop at the Chamber of Commerce and Corbett’s Office:

Governor Tom Corbett

Corbett maintains that Pennsylvania should not tax the natural gas industry. In February 2011, Corbett repealed a four month old policy regulating natural gas drilling in park land, deeming it “unnecessary and redundant”. In February  2012, Corbett signed Act 13, overriding all local zoning laws for the gas industry, and putting a gag order on doctors. The zoning override has been thrown out by the Commonwealth Ct. but Corbett has appealed to the state Supreme Court. Corbett has been on the payroll of the gas industry for years and received over $1 million in his gubernatorial campaign. Corbett has placed gas industry representatives in government positions to ensure they carry out the will of the gas industry instead of the public’s interests. Corbett does not represent Pennsylvanians, he has got to go!

3pm – end march and celebrate two of the best things in life: food and friends!

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