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Friday Sunrise Intervention


A Sunrise Intervention!

Join a nonviolent gathering early Friday morning to confront the fracking industry’s keynote — Range Resources’ John Pinkerton — and all his short-sighted colleagues in their plans to make our climate un-liveable, our air un-breathable, and our water un-drinkable. A group of independent activists, including some leaders of The Shalom Center will participate in the Friday-morning action.

The shale gas industry has gone too far. It gags our physicians; forces impacted people to sign non-disclosure clauses — building the toxic silence that surrounds every family badly hurt by this industry — and exempts itself from our protective laws.


Gather outside Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street at 6:45am, Friday September 21st

Nonviolence Training / Know Your Rights Training: Wednesday, September 19th, 6 pm – 9 pm at the Friends Center, Philadelphia PA, 15th and Cherry Street


Note: This action is being organized by a thoughtful, disciplined group of individuals associated with a broad range of organizations, from faith-based leaders and impacted rural communities to national environmental organizations. Shale Gas Outrage Steering Committee is not directly sponsoring this action, but has agreed to list it. See the Shale Gas Outrage Affirmation of Nonviolence on the Home Page.

Organizers add,

“Why nonviolent action? We have looked for signs this industry understands they may not destroy air, water, land, human communities, animals’ lives, economic sustainability, and our future. Seeing no sign of this understanding emerging from the industry; seeing their escalating arrogance and crude dominance of fracked communities; and witnessing our policy-makers and lawmakers nod and wink at the harms, including greenhouse gas emissions frackers are spewing with increasing aggressiveness, we must act.

“Please plan on attending the Nonviolence Training and plan on gathering at 6:45 AM Friday morning to express ourselves in a spirited, coordinated manner.

“We will shortly post an email you may use for more information.


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Host Organizing Group:
Protecting Our Waters

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