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An Affirmation of Active Nonviolence

And Code of Conduct for Shale Gas Outrage 2012

We affirm, respect, and value nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience among the essential tactics which will increase this movement’s energy and ability to create life-affirming social change. Civil disobedience is as American as apple pie, as powerful as Rosa Parks, as eloquent as Martin Luther King and Thoreau, as wise as Barbara Deming, as effective and famous as Gandhi. We honor the countless nameless, courageous people who have endured arrest and worse during every successful movement, including the abolition, labor, women’s suffrage, civil rights, anti-war, anti-apartheid, Central America solidarity, gay rights, and environmental movements, to name a few!

We are also pleased to notice the growth of nonviolent resistance over the course of the past year in protecting air, water, land, farms, food, forests, climate and our communities from toxic high-volume fracking in the Marcellus Shale region. This includes the large-scale nonviolent action which was planned for the DRBC voting meeting last November 21st; several blockades of illegal Marcellus Shale gas drilling trucks (from Farmer Bennett in Jefferson County to the Susquehanna County resisters); larger organized blockades at Riverdale and in Moshannon State Forest; and courageous Ohio activist Madeleine Ffitch, now facing charges for protesting a dangerous re-injection well site in Ohio.

Shale Gas Outrage organizers are not organizing a nonviolent direct action or civil disobedience as part of our legally permitted press conference (10 AM), rally (12-2), march (2-3) on September 20th or as part of either conference on September 21st.

To make sure the voices of impacted people stand out during these activities, we ask that any independent organizers of nonviolent direct action and/or civil disobedience actions avoid such actions until our events in Center City conclude at 3 pm on Thursday, September 20th.

We support nonviolence training and affirm the value of good strategic thinking about nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, and will gladly post publicly on our website a time and place for any such training which occurs, if it is so desired by the trainers.

To ensure the public safety of all attendees of the Shale Gas Outrage rally and march we will have a trained peacekeeping team, and are communicating actively with the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Police. To further the end of a safe and respectful environment, we ask that during the rally and march, all participants and attendees do not:

• Bring or use weapons, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances before or during the events;
• Use verbal or physical violence against anyone, including attendees of the industry’s conference and police officers;
• Risk unnecessary arrest;
• Damage city, convention center, or other property;

We ask attendees of the rally and march do:

• Adopt a respectful and dignified attitude towards anyone we encounter;
• If provoked, stay calm, respond nonviolently, and get help from peacekeepers.

Human health, our streams, rivers and drinking water; our air and climate; workers’ safety and lives, our farms, forests and foodsheds; wildlife and domestic animals’ health, our current communities and future generations’ well-being depend on you. Thank you for all you do.


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